Herbal Consultations

Initial Herbal Consultation

This initial consultation is a comprehensive look at your unique individual health patterns and is recommended for all new clients. During this session we will review your health questions and concerns, personal health and wellness goals, and do a thorough review of your body systems, diet, medications, and review any supplements you are currently taking. We will also explore any mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns related to your wellness goals.


At the end of your session, I will offer my thoughts and insights into the overall physiological and energetic patterns that are at play and will offer a recommendation of herbal remedies, foods, and supplements that can help nudge the body and spirit back to a state of optimal harmony.  A custom formulation is included in the cost of the consultation. This blend may be a tea, tincture, powder, essential oil blend, or salve. 


Initial consultations can be done in person at Oceanna Herbals, or at a distance via Facetime/Skype/phone.  Compounded herbs can be shipped or picked up. 



































Follow Up Herbal Consultation

During the follow up consultation we will meet to discuss your experience with the herbal formulas and recommendations.  During the follow up we may decide to modify your formula or dosage and we will coach you through the next phase of the herbal journey. 


It is recommended that clients follow up at least once within a month of the initial appointment. Most clients will need to stay on an herbal formula for 3-6 months depending on the nature of the imbalance and how chronic the pattern is. Our goal is to help your body heal so you can ease off of your herbal formulas and let the healing power of nature take the reins!

Follow Up Herbal Consult


Initial Herbal Consultation


Herbal Check In


30 Minute Check In

A quick 30 minute session is good for acute conditions, colds, or for quick check ins. These appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herb or herbal formula. 30 minute check ins can be done in person or via FaceTime/Skype/Phone.

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