What is Journey?


Journeying is a practice best described as an ecstatic trance state. In the alpha state, it's akin to meditation. In the theta state, the deeper level of transmission, it is like the dream state. 

Journey is the practice which can assist us on path of healing.

When we journey, we come back with new information. This is the nature of any exploration, adventure, quest. In order to process re-entry, we re-member the elements of what we experienced, and we piece it together to make a narrative.

If you've ever gone on a trip which was meaningful for you, faced you with a set of challenges, overwhelmed you with feelings and or/beauty, teachings, new skills, you know what I mean by re-entry. "Coming home" finds a wisdom keeper assimilating all which took place, receiving the medicine, in a logical intellectual way, but also on a cellular level, affecting our higher selves and finding us changed forever.

Because journeys are like dreams, we can interpret them in much of the same way. For the most part, dreams are narratives which take place and involve the material which resides in the subconscious. Journey finds us exploring this subterranean landscape, too. However, it breaks from being like a dream when, with practice and guidance, we are able to self-heal to the point that we are no longer the central focus of our journeys.


There is an ambiguous element to when or how this will happen, which seems to be very feminine. We cannot know the impact of our own healing, or the pace of it, until we put our bare feet on the stony path and go for the long walk.

We trust that we will know when we have become able to transmit messages for the Earth, her creatures, and maybe even some of her people.

As an Earth Medicine Practitioner, Oceanna is practiced in working with these three things: animals, plants and minerals spirits, in order to help deepen our connection to what existed before human evolvement on the planet. She draws on her own experiences and training to guide you safely in and out of journey space. She facilitates the one in journey the opportunity to make relationships with the natural world from their own journey experiences.